Full Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) 5 Gallon Pail

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PRINZOL’s Full Synthetic Universal Multi-Vehicle ATF is specially formulated to meet the rigorous viscosity and frictional

requirements of “D”(H) and “M” fluids. It provides excellent wear protection for all passenger cars and light trucks

requiring the use of a Type A or Type A Suffix A, “D” II – III (H), “M” automatic transmission fluid.

Prinzol Universal ATF is formulated for use with Dexron III, Allison C-4, Ford Mercon and Mercon V.

PRINZOL’s Full Synthetic Universal ATF can be used in passenger car manual transmissions, trucks and buses,

off-highway construction/mining equipment, agricultural equipment, mobile hydraulic systems, industrial

machinery and power steering systems.

Recommended to provide trouble free performance for:

Aisin Warner transmissions: JWS 3309; JWS 3324; AW-1, Audi/VW: G 052 162; G 052 990; G 055 025;

G 055 005; G 055 162; G 055 540, BMW: 7045E (3 Series); 5 Series; LA 2634; LT 71141,

Chrysler: ATF+2; ATF+3; ATF+4; MOPAR AS68RC; MS-1872; MS-5931; MS-9602; MS-10838,

Ford: Mercon LV; WSS-M2C924-A; WSS-M2C138; WSS-M2C922; WSS-M2C195-A;

XL-12 Transfer Case, GM: Dexron VI; T-IV; ATF Saturn T-IV; AW-1; WS-ATF;

GM Auto-Trak II Transfer Case, Honda: ATF-Z1, ATF DW-1, Hyundai/Kia: SP- II;

SP III; SP-IV M;SP-IV; SP-IV-RR; SPH-IV; NWS 9638; Kia Red-1; JWS 3314; JWS 3317;

PSF-3; PSF-4, Isuzu: SCS, Mazda: ATF-M III; ATF-MV, Mitsubishi: SP-II; SP-III;

SP-IV; DiaQueen ATF J3; DiaQueen ATF-PA; DiaQueen ATF J2; PS Fluid,

Diamond SP III, Nissan: Matic D; Matic J; Matic K; Matic S; Matic W; PSF-II;

Nissan 402, Subaru: Subaru ATF; Subaru ATF-HP, Toyota: T; T-I; T-II; T-III;

WS (JWS 3324); PSF Type EH, Voith transmissions: H55.6335; H55.6336

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