Premium Slide - Way Oil ISO VG 68 (1 Gallon) (Bridgeport, HAAS, Hardinge) #2

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Premium Slide - Way Oil ISO VG 68 (1 Gallon) Bridgeport Mill Compatible

PRINZOL™ premium Slide-Way Lube ISO VG 68 is a premium-formulated lubricant for machine tool slides and ways. Our Way Lube is manufactured from select base oils fortified with extreme pressure, tackiness, and friction modifying additives.

Prinzol™ Way Oils provide superior slip-stick protection to ensure smooth and consistent movement for optimum surface finish.

Prinzol™ Way Oils exhibits excellent separation from coolants. It allows easy removal for reuse and reduces susceptibility for bacteria growth in coolant sumps.

Benefits and Features:

PRINZOL Series of Slide-Way Oils contain:

-Exceptional Machine Tool Performance

-Exceptional anti-foam, anti-wear and rust protection

-Exceptional Stick-Slip protection


Viscosity: 67 Cst at 40°C

Flash Point: 463°F

Pour Point: -17°C

Color: Gold

Recommended For: Horizontal Slide Ways on small to medium size machine tools as well as flood application in large machines.

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